Foundation Stone Laid  -  Sept 14 1951

Being built by voluntary labour, work at Great Sutton Village Hall reached another stage in its erection last Tuesday night when foundation stones where laid by Mr and Mrs A G Deakins who have been working on the project for 17 years.

There was a fairly large gathering of villagers at the ceremony which was also attended by Councillor C.Hayward [chairman of the council) and Councillors J.Groomes and C.and J.Donoghue.

Mr H. Matthews,vice-Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, referred to this as a great occasion Despite many setbacks and disappointments they had at long last gathered together to see their beloved project on its way.

He paid great tribute to Councillor and Mrs.Deakins for their persistent efforts during the past 17 years and he could not speak too highly of those voluntary workers who are erecting the building and whose labour he said will save the committee at least £4,000.


They affectionately referred to Mr Deakon as Pop a title he had well deserved for his was the inspiration that had engendered enthusiasm for the scheme it had also been maintained by him and it was fitting that he and his wife should be honoured by being

asked to lay the foundation stones of the future hall.

Councillor Hayward, wearing his Chairman’s chain of office said no official engagement so far had given him the same degree of pleasure as this and no engagement could do so because he saw in that ceremony the matenalisation of dreams he always had — those of providing social amenities for the people.

There was no greater calling than to serve said Councillor Hayward and that was the idea behind those who served on the council. He knew that Ellesmere Port people extended to Great Sutton their very best wishes for a happy future for their hail and village

The speaker congratulated them on there effort enthusiasm and courage in embarking upon such a great scheme. He also joined them in honouring Pop Deakons that night for he deserved the recognition of which he was entitled for the hard work he had put

in over the years.

Councilior Hayward was glad that so much voluntary work was being done becausein that way people appreciated all the more what they had achieved. On being invited by councillor Hayward to lay the stone councillor deacon said he was naturally conscious of the great honour they had conferred on him after 17 years striving to achieve their object.

He could not speak too highly of the voluntary workers and he hoped he would have the pleasure of asking them all to be present at

the official opening of the hail in the early spring.

But for the voluntary work the hail would have cost in all £8,000 but half of that had been saved and they would all appreciate that the committee were right in not contenting themselves with a wooden structure but in going all out for a permanent building.

When this scheme was completed they would have a bowling green tennis courts and miniature golf in addition to the hail so that the amenities of the village should be fairly complete.

Councillor J.Groomes added his testimony in appreciation and said there was no service as high as that which served ones fellow men and women and that was what councillor Deakons Mrs Deakons and the committee of the village hail had done and

were doing.

Councillor Groomes then invited Mrs Deakons to lay the other stone and she began by saying she thought it was reasonable to say that the idea of the village hall was first mooted in Oliver House [her home], They had surmounted all the difficulties and were now in sight of achieving their cherished ambition

The laying of the stone was one of her proudest moments and one she would always remember.

A prayer for the success of the village hail was offered by the Rev G.H Bradley vicar of Great Sutton

Thanks to those who had taken part in the ceremony were expressed by Mr Jones  committee secretary.


It was announced that Mr and Mrs Knight of Egerton House had given a piano for use in the hail.

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